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About Our Fourways Pawn Shop

Things that we accept:
Power Tools


If you haven’t been to our pawn shop before, why not start now? Give us a call and make an appointment now.

Johannesburg pawn shop and Sandton pawn shop offers you a wide range of new and used goods from home appliances, PS consoles, PS games, furniture, motor accessories, cellphones, sporting equipment, gold and silver as well as diamond jewellery collections, tools and hardware. The Fourways pawn shop and Johannesburg pawn shop not only guarantees quality goods but excellent service as well.

You can also visit our online pawn shop and browse through goods at your convenience. Online pawn shops are an easier and faster way of looking for what you want or need. If you’ve seen the reality TV show, “Pawn Stars”, you will have an idea of what the processes are and what exactly pawn shops are all about.

Online pawn shop sales have increased tremendously over a short period of time. All you have to do is order online, add it to your cart, pay via your credit or debit card and they deliver. Visit the .

Our  pawn shop has a zero tolerance policy on stolen goods which makes it safer and more convenient for you. Why spend a ton of money when you can get great bargains and save!


Buy items featured on the TV reality show, “Pawn Stars”, there are many souvenirs available for sale. “Pawn Stars” is a TV reality show based on an actual pawn store in Las Vegas.


If you’ve seen it then you know exactly what the pros and cons are to pawn shops. Whether you are pawning, selling or shopping, you will get the best service available.