Unwanted and Broken Gold Jewelry for Cash

Pawn Unwanted and Broken Gold in Johannesburg for Cash

You’d gotten it for Christmas and it wasn’t exactly your style. You’d left it at the bottom of a drawer. Out of sight, out of mind. Come weeks later, it resurfaces: your gold watch. Brand new. Or it was anyways. Turns out, heavy stuff on top of it can break the glass on the watch. Who knew?

You don’t want it, or its broken, or both. In any case, the best case scenario here is to sell the gold watch for some valuable cash.

But where exactly can you sell it? It’s not like the local grocery store has a gold-selling shop attached? Wait. Gold-selling shops. Pawn shops. Pawn shops in Johannesburg *if you’re vacationing in South Africa*.

This is your first time selling something gold. You have no idea about the procedures, what to do, how to value your watch. This is where the pawn shop comes in. They have the knowledge, they have the tools, to sell the watch properly.

Don’t remember the karats of gold in the watch? No problem. They have the scales and other various tools to get to the bottom of that. Additionally, they can use that to get an estimate for how much the watch is worth.

Don’t know the price of gold on the market? Again, no problem! They have that knowledge, and can get the estimate from the “ish” range to an “accurate to the tenths place” range.

All in all, the pawn shop will be able to get you the price of your gold jewelry and will also be able to get you that cash for the worth of the watch.

Don’t forget about that watch again. Sell it. Sell it in a Johannesburg pawn shop [and have a nice vacation in South Africa while you’re at it].